New Years Resolutions you can make with your Pet

It’s almost 2019, which means its resolution time! And this year why not include your pets in your resolutions? Here are 5 ways you can include your furry family members in the fun.


Go outside more:This one is both important for you but also very important for your pet. If you have a dog you may take them on walks but how frequent are those walks? Once a day? A couple times a week? Or less? Dog’s love going on walks and smelling the world around them. It is something for them to look forward to and it helps them discover your neighborhood and city. Cats can go for walks too! They do make leashes for cats if your cat is strictly indoors.  As a dog walker I have never meet a dog that wasn’t grateful after I had taken them on a walk. If you are already an avid walker you can take this resolution up a notch by extending your normal walking time by 5 minutes or to be off the phone and be present with your pet. Which leads to our next resolution suggestion.


Spend More time in the present away from technology:We all do it, when we are watching TV snuggling with our pet we bring out our phone during a commercial break and scroll social media. And our pets sense our distraction in our devices. I have had numerous clients tell me that when they are on their phone, their pets act out by growling or even using their paw to try to get your attention.  Next time you get the urge to look at your phone and you have your dog or cat near you, reach from them instead. Give them a belly rub and butt scratch or a kiss. We only have a short period of time with our pets on this earth and little moments like these mean the world to them.


Take more day trips with your best friend: This one we love because living here in Pasadena there are so many great options of pet friendly day trip activities! You could take them for a hike, or go to the Huntington Dog Beach. There is Mammoth Lakes or Big Bear for a fun snow day. Also there are several dog friendly restaurants in our area. These outings help deepen your bond with your pet and they are fun! Its fun to go on a hike or to the Dog beach and see all the dogs being carefree and happy. 


You both try to eat better:  Many New Years resolutions often include eating healthier for most people. If this is one of your New Years resolutions, you can also apply this to your pet. There has been a lot of ground breaking new research on the pet food industry and what is actually healthy for your pet. If you are looking to get your pet in shape as well as yourself consult your Veterinarian on the best ways to help clean up your pets diet. That way you both are in this one together! 


Spoil each other: Self-care is another big resolution for lots of people this year and it is important to take care of ourselves and the ones we love most; our pets. If you have a groomer that offers a mini massage for your pet maybe splurge a few times this year to pamper your pooch or cat. If your dog has a favorite toy or treat maybe you could give them a little extra once a month. In return your pet will spoil you with unconditional love and devotion, which is really the best reward.


We hope you enjoyed and are inspired by these recommendations, and let us know in the comments below if you are going to try any of these 5 suggestions. Thank you!