Benefits to In-Home Pet Sitting


Living in Southern California, I have many friends and acquaintances I’ve crossed paths with who say they would love to rescue a dog or a cat but don’t have the time to care for it. Well, I agree; if you don’t have the time to tend to a pet, it is better to wait to take one on. However, I also believe there are too many animals today in shelters, in negligent situations, or on the streets. I would often wonder, how could I help? By making pet-care easier for the animal and the owner, I believe we can help mitigate some of these issues, and make the world a little bit better.


As a pet sitter, I am often asked, “What are the advantages of in-home pet sitting?” In my experience, animals are most comfortable in their own environment where they are around familiar sights, smells, and sounds. They can sleep in their own bed, and walk around their own neighborhood. All of these factors help eliminate the stress your animals can feel when you are away. Doggie Dreamz is designed to maintain our clients’ schedule as much as possible while caring for their needs. Animals are most comfortable with routine, and maintaining that routine gives them a sense of ease and comfort.


If you have an animal with anxiety issues or who is not socialized with other animals, in-home pet sitting is ideal for someone like you. Your pet sitter is only focused on your animal and can give him or her the undivided attention and care they need. In-home pet sitting is also ideal if you have an older animal or animal with special needs. Often times, the sleeping quarters at boarding facilities are small and do not accommodate for special animal-mobility and other needs. Additionally, kennels and boarding facilities sometimes carry diseases such as Canine distemper, Canine influenza, kennel cough and heartworms. (AVMA.ORG).  Without the stress of a foreign environment at a facility or in someone else’s home, you are less likely to experience your animal running away, getting into a dangerous situations, or just being lonely and upset when you are gone. Even a walk a day from a pet-sitter can help alleviate behavioral issues with your animal. These are some the reasons why I believe in and only offer In-home pet sitting through my company.


 As an animal-lover and dog-enthusiast, it is my passion to help pet-owners provide compassionate and quality care. A dog or a cat in a home is an animal off the streets, out of a shelter, and in a loving environment. So, helping people manage that responsibility is my mission! In wanting to help others care for our animal community, I have cultivated a company that operates with compassion at it’s heart and with your pet’s best interest in mind. In addition to utilizing the most comfortable environments for your pets, I ensure each of our pet-sitters are trained in CPR and first aid for animals. Also, all of our pet sitters are insured and bonded. Finally, I personally interview and hire each of our pet-care representatives, making every effort to ensure our pet-sitters are passionate and professional when it comes to our business. 


Now, not all pet sitters are the same. That is why it is very important to choose the right pet sitter for your animal and you. I’m excited to discuss this more in our next blog post, and how you can find the right pet sitter for you. If this was helpful, leave a like or a comment below!

Mia Enos

Chief Canine Officer of Doggie Dreamz